Senegal is situated in the most westerly part of Africa and some parts of the country are described as 'disadvantaged' by the ' Aid Agencies.'
Unlike some of ‘its neighbors’, Senegal is politically stable and will remain that way if its children 'The future generation’ are educated.
It is the aim of my small charity 'Hope Senegal' to encourage this by assisting in the building of schools and ensuring that the children have the appropriate facilities.
Niankitte Village is in the Casamance region in the South of Senegal:
The life in Niankitte is very simple with villagers living by subsistence farming growing rice and some vegetables and also living from the leaves and produce of some of the trees.   
Niankitte is a very poor village and desperately needs help to re-build their school and supply the equipment vital to the continuing education of their children.               
The villagers are a wonderfully welcoming and hospitable people displaying a great dignity despite their poverty.
Their circumstances are such that, even with the greatest will in the world they cannot provide continuing education without outside support.
These proud villagers look to you for help to ensure that all their children have the opportunity of a basic education in decent surroundings.


village meeting


The will of this small isolated community is so very evident.
I hope that together we can provide the appropriate support.
Remember that education is a vital ingredient in the promoting of peace in a volatile region of the world.
It also enables a child to make choices for their future; a thing we take so much for granted in the United Kingdom.
Senegal is the leading country in promoting and supporting peace in Western africa.
I am sure that if you saw firsthand both the children and their circumstances,
Your heart would go out to them.